I was 16 years old on 1963, the year The Beatles started being famous. Since this year until they've been separate, every one of their new song seems to me better than the precedent. I mostly liked to listen to The Beatles, without leaving Elvis Presley, Ray Charles or Chuck Berry out of my musical world.
Between the end of the 70's and the 90's, other singers and bands came and added to my musical univers. All this started for me at the end of 1999 while I was listening to an Emmylou Harris CD containing the Lennon/McCartney's song "For No One". Immediately I started searching Beatles's songs covered by other artists over all my CDs. I've got the craze for collecting Beatles cover songs. Now I can't visit a friend without searching for one or more missing titles throught his CDs collection.

All of our great bands and singers, many years ago and yet today, have covered mostly of the Beatles's songs, that's the reason why of this homepage. But remember, before being famous and many time after, The Beatles played themselves songs of the 50's celebrities like Little Richard, Arthur Alexander and many others. Today, and it's only the very thing, The Beatles are sung by many artists or bands and it's for me the recognition of their talent.

Quickly my CDs and those of friends of mine shown their limit. So I began to spend a lot of time on the internet searching titles, tributes, old and new covers. Napster, Amazon and cddb.com were, at start, my main resource for searching, hearing and buying many covers. But my great joy was to get the list built by Scott Galuska, carried on by Ross Clement with contribution of many other Beatles's fans. Many thanks to them all. I also want to thank all my family, friends and colleagues for their help.

I don't pretend to list the complete covers. My focus is to show how The Beatles can be played in all styles of the world music. I enjoy to listen to country covers. At this step of my collection, I've only selected 17 Beatles's albums I mean they're the essential of the Fab Four.

Thank you for visiting and see you soon.

Last update July 31, 2005

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