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Song title
Sung by
Baby's In Black Lennon/McCartney Big Sugar
Birthday Lennon/McCartney End Conversation
There's a Place Lennon/McCartney Rita Lee
A Day In The Life Lennon/McCartney Ben Folds
Ask Me Why Lennon/McCartney The Beethovens
Day Tripper Lennon/McCartney Les Mockets
Eleanor Rigby Lennon/McCartney The Nobodys
We Can Work It Out Lennon/McCartney William Bates
If I Needed Someone Lennon/McCartney Jeff Lynne
Hey Bulldog Lennon/McCartney Dave Lawrence
Little Child Lennon/McCartney Desoto
Not a Second Time Lennon/McCartney Fabricated Four




(Last update on Oct 18, 2015)

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